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Bertrand Schmitt

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Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Strategist @App Annie
Co-founder of App Annie, Happylatte, Exoweb


Alex Li

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Early and late stage startup experience scaling revenue across most biz functions (sales, mkting, product). Current: Sr Enterprise AE @App Annie

Tommy Vincent

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Early employee at Yammer and App Annie, and helped each company grow revenue, standardize the sales process, and forecast with accuracy.

Theresa Khuu

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Product Marketing Strategist - Experienced in launching consumer mobile apps in new markets & classically trained in CPG Brand Strategy

Christine Kim

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Communications Specialist I Tech/Consumer/B2B PR I Media Relations -- Driven by the big picture

Molly Magrath

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David Sharpe

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Dex Wah

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Tech Start-up enthusiast. Recruiter/Headhunter. APAC. Constantly curious. Health junkie. Trilingual (English, Mandarin, Japanese) + bits of Korean :).

Kate Donahue

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Tina Wang

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Bryan Lim

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Justin Pak

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Enterprise Team Lead at App Annie, marketing background from KISSmetrics, technical experience onboarding bio research software at Keyence, education from UCLA.

shanshan guo

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Sr. HR @App Annie • Worked at @Microsoft, @Tencent @Baidu• Studied at @Columbia University, @Peking University

Anthony Akajioyi

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Worked at Accenture and App Annie. Graduated from Manchester University.
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Former team

Irene Perk

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Rafael Perez

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Bryan Knox

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Eleanor Feng

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Christopher Bral

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Ellis Lee

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