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Latin America’s first on-demand recruiting platform

Latin America’s first on-demand recruiting platform

Apli built the world’s first chatbot for on-demand jobs which was approved by Facebook Messenger. Candidates register via the bot, indicating their work experience and completing online tests which have been validated by thousands of reviewed assignments to predict on-the-job performance. With a conversational interface, the bot generates deeper data than in-person interviews. After a single registration, candidates can accept unlimited gigs in multiple companies. Apli matches candidates to opportunities with a machine-learning model that uses 500+ data points per candidate and optimizes for offer acceptance, attendance and satisfaction. At the end of each gig, there is a double-sided review that improves the algorithm. That way, Apli is building the industry ́s most powerful predictive model of who will do a good job and where.

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Founder @Apli and other LatAm marketplaces • Harvard MBA • Worked in VCPE
Founder @Apli • Growth expert • Harvard MBA • Robotics engineer • Worked at @Facebook Growth