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Uli Pillau

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Benjamin Schmid

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My passion is discovering new regions and preferably outdoor. I like to combine this passion with my enthusiasm for modern technology.
serial entrepreneur & business angel
Founder @apaleo. Worked at @becoacht • Studied at @LMU Munich


Peter Grman

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As a Software Architect and Technical Product Manager @ apaleo, I love building SaaS applications. I care deeply about performance, consistency and availability

Randy Collado

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Engineering professional always open to learning new technologies, and pushing for top of the art software implementations.

Nikita Fidirko

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Konstantina Stavrinidou

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Passionate user advocate, 4yrs experience on raising awareness among people and companies to care more about usability and UX.

Sarah Stingl

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Former team

Piotr Majchrzyk

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