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We operate on the paradigm of actualizing a lower development and support cost while attempting to increase productivity and efficiency. Based on our own experiences of helping clients utilize software integrators for providing IT services, we know that becoming ONE team is the foundation on which an optimal process can be built. The name of our company is a portmanteau of the theme AOF Engineering Systems is very experienced in discovery, design, development, demonstration, and delivery of software engineering solutions. As an organization, our strengths are to bring our technical expertise, business know-how, and innovative skills to have a bearing on the result of the project. Our customer grouping is very richly diverse and spread across different sizes, verticals, and motivations (profit and not for profit). The success of the IT solutions we provided them is the one common factor that unifies them all. Our mix of senior management drawn from rich academic and cutting edge business backgrounds, strategy consultants, seasoned IT solutions architects/project managers and qualified software engineers is unparalleled amongst companies of our size. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the whole spectrum – partnering for IT implementations, managing start-to-finish projects and staffing services. In essence, we provide end-to-end software solutions that impact our customers very positively.