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An online career platform powered by AI & big data

An online career platform powered by AI & big data

Anycareer is changing the recruitment market with an online career platform. Through courses, mentors, guides & communities, powered by machine learning and big data, the platform collects data on users to optimise their career development and to match them with universities & employers. By leveraging user data and employer networks, we can offer personalised content and learning, as well as automating large parts of the recruitment process. Our students are headhunted while they are learning, and we align our own goals with the goals of our users - to help them reach awesome opportunities. By working closely with universities, student societies and employers, we introduce a faster, cheaper and better way of recruiting talent. Candidates can spend their time developing themselves and their skills, while employers save significant time and resources while making smarter hiring decisions. Through employer and recruitment partners, Anycareer recruits talents from top universities to more than 4.5 million employers, specialising in the Asian and European markets. The second version of the Anycareer platform will launch in Q4 2020. For more information, check out anycareer.com.

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Sunny Cui

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Co-Founded Anycareer at university in UK. Recruiting international education and connect talented people with some of the biggest companies in the world.
Co-founder, CEO of Anycareer.


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