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PropTech startup to provide business intelligence for individual households

Chief Sales Officer

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Ants Tech and Labor

About Us
We transfer insightful self-help books into a comprehensive web app. We promote equality of opportunity via the distribution of data, computing power, and artificial intelligence. We aim to solve handful housing problems by providing a platform that better monitors and manages your house, creates operational efficiencies, and optimizes your finances. We provide an information infrastructure to allow us to transition towards the Third Industrial Revolution. We are exploring sustainable construction materials and world-class design for the next generation of smart house and community via IoT.

Job Description
Every startup should have a hustler on board. This is the role of the CSO – who always aims to sell the product built by the team. Known as the chief sales officer, the CSO is a person responsible for turning a brilliant idea into flowing profits.

At the same time, the ‘hustler’ is among the most important roles at each stage of the tech startup. In fact, in the beginning – the CSO can also be the sales guy in the startup. However, if the startup is turning into a company, later on, someone should be appointed to that role accordingly.

From building processes for sales to automating them, hiring sales reps and account managers as well as forecasting sales – the ‘hustler’ known as the CSO is the person in charge for the fuel that drives the product or service forward.

In a world full of startups and ideas, there must be a person who knows how to pull the ropes, connect the dots and give as many shout-outs as possible when introducing a tech startup to the digital marketplace.

Ideally, this is a person with a lot of knowledge about marketing and even more connections. He knows the editors of the most popular industry (tech) blogs, knows how to get a word or two in the most prestigious tech magazines and how to make influencers mention the startup in some of their reviews.

All tech startups nowadays are in need of a connector in order to foster a network of crucial contacts and connections that will help them build relationships with customers and eventually get major investments and help their startup grow.

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PropTech startup to provide business intelligence for individual households

Ants Tech & Labor (AT&L) focuses on SaaS, Information Services, Business Intelligence, Property Management, and Internet of Things. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://antslabor.com/#/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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