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PropTech startup to provide business intelligence for individual households

PropTech startup to provide business intelligence for individual households

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We are automating residential property management through the web app ​atlasia.app where a digital replica of each individual house will be created as the online profile. We promote equality of opportunity via the distribution of data, computing power, and artificial intelligence. We will eradicate poverty in a developed country like Canada and hopefully other parts of the world as well.

We started from an online platform for property management to enhance the living condition of off-campus college students. Our services range from employing machine learning to automate the numerous utility accounts, to deploying AI to facilitate customers’ personal development in various aspects. We are also exploring sustainable construction materials and world-class design for the next generation of smart houses and communities via IoT.

We transfer insightful self-help books into a comprehensive web app. Apply scientific approaches to unleash the potential of undeveloped and underdeveloped human capital. We deliver an information infrastructure that allows us to transition toward the Third Industrial Revolution.

Our team is solving a social problem by creating new technology. We, humans, have made tremendous progress from enslaving animals and fellow human beings towards utilizing heavy machinery like a railway, an airplane or a dishwasher. Let's continue the technological improvement of living standard while delegating more tasks to computers. Let computers do what computers do best so that we can spend more time enjoying our lives.

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Founder @Ants • Strong tech & biz background from University of Waterloo • Worked at @IBM, @Autodesk • Raised in poverty from rural China