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ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR I Performance Enhancing Sportswear

ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR I Performance Enhancing Sportswear

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - ANTELOPE sportswear increases training efficiency. This athletic clothing of the future is a combination of premium sportswear and wearable technology. ANTELOPE is composed of compression sportswear with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power device, as well as an app to control the whole system. Muscle contractions during training are strengthened through external electrical impulses, increasing the intensity and efficiency of every workout. The system developed by German Startup Wearable Life Science uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a technology originally used by professional athletes and in rehabilitation programs. Celebrities like Usain Bold, Rafael Nadal or the Bayern Munich and Real Madrid soccer teams have already been benefiting from the effects of EMS technology for years. With ANTELOPE this training is now more effective and available for everyone and every sport.

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