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Anova makes it super simple for anyone to cook restaurant-quality meals, everyday



Nell D.

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Giving 204% e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e.

Danny Hurley

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Michael Tankenoff

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Chief Revenue Officer @Anova Culinary, Previously VP of Growth @SideChef, VP, Retail @Anova Culinary, & Co-Founder/CMO@orange-chef.

Harry Lees

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Lead designer with 9 years experience working for top tier design consultancies in the US and Australia. Experienced in design, ME, UX


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I'm a product designer with strong experience in designing mobile apps and web based products

Andrew Beckman

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A software engineer passionate about food and fitness, I am excited to invest in startups and help them grow!

Ram Prashanth Radha Krishnan

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An Industrial Engineer with passion for operations, supply chain optimization and process improvement.

Goran Jovicin

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Christopher Cereske

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Bill Clark

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Creating delicious food, delighting customers and making everything faster.

Former team

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