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Revolutionizing data privacy

Revolutionizing data privacy

At AnonTech, we aim to deliver technology-based solutions to solve corporate business needs related to data privacy issues. To achieve this, we have built a product called ViziVault, which applies an innovative proprietary technology to the ownership, disclosure, and management of protected data. This allows our clients to reduce or eliminate the risks related to keeping untracked personally identifiable information (PII) about their users in their data stores. We aim to resolve corporate data privacy concerns by removing PII from our clients’ domain, thus allowing clients to mitigate risk by no longer being required to store sensitive data locally. Data ownership is placed back into the hands of the user through an interactive user access portal that allows users to view and take action upon their data. We enable real-time regulatory conformity by offering an API with appropriate corporate availability, stringent access controls, and multiple encryption levels to PII data.

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