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Beth Forester

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Curious and always eager to learn a new skill, I am happiest when solving complex problems and conducting A/B tests.

Nick Ritenour

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Business Operations Coordinator for Electronic Arts; Launched redesigned website at EnerDel, Inc.

Anthony Chowdhury-Magana

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An aspiring polymath, I get up in the morning for opportunities to self-teach, build solutions, and apply a multi-disciplinarian approach to my contributions.

Kyo Heo

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Made many game and algorithm projects with mobile platform. - Xcode(Swift), Unity(C#)

Mary Snow

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Software engineer with passion for Node/Express, React/Redux. Speaker: ForwardJS - 2018

Matt Liebetrau

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Worked at Animoto

Gerard Hanley

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Ellen Protsyk

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I am an experienced technical recruiter with adventurous soul

Ravenna Sevilla

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Boosting Customer Experience through Digital Marketing and Hospitality

Jason Bellinger

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Implemented Looker at Bonobos and migrated entire company Point person for insights at Bonobos and Animoto Very experienced in SQL, LookML and Amazon Redshift

Florence Luong

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Email producer at Animoto

Tim Wharton

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Game Dev, Contractor, Engineer, Manager.

Norris Nakagaki

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Justin Cataldo

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Board members and advisors

Matt McIlwain

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Investor @Tastemaker

Steve Jang

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Founder & Angel Investor Advisor: @Uber @Expa Investor: @Uber @Coinbase @Forward @Color Genomics @useheartbeat @blue-bottle-coffee @dYdX @RADAR

Brad Garlinghouse

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Previous: CEO @Hightail • President, Apps & Commerce @aol • Sr. Adviser @Silver Lake • SVP Communications Community @Yahoo • General Partner @Ventures

Former team

Brendan LaCroix

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Christina Young

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Becky Brooks

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Miraque Hicks

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Allen Liu

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