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Connecting businesses, friends and families in the new retail space #AR/VR

Connecting businesses, friends and families in the new retail space #AR/VR

Our mission is to build the world's largest entertainment hub for all anime, art & video gaming products!

Anime Universe is an amazing startup leading the way for change in the new retail space by redefining and creating the new user experience entirely focused on a stellar interactive and very fun competitive environment of new discoveries and possibilities.

We are creating the ultimate user experience accessible anywhere connected on your pc, laptop, gaming consoles or using the full potential of 5G on your smartphones. It won't matter anymore from where you work, study or shop around. Everything will be available at your fingertips or just a click away in a truly immersive environment being able to jump in and following you wherever you are.

#WaveoftheFuture #NewRetailCulture

Art director, partner/co-founder (remote)

Managing Partner Business Consulting CFO,Board Chair,Board Member, Deloitte,KPMG Luxembourg, Restructuring,Start Ups,Entertainment,Retail,Real Estate,Investment

Sebastien Bilodeau

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Founder Institute 2018 grad Founder @Anime Universe Connecting People, Products & Ideas Retail Marketing Expert 7Y Business Management & Development 16Y Sales
F100 Experience in CFO/CIO offices, portfolio mgmt, investment research, trading, market risk, derivatives, data science, FP&A; MBA@UChicago Booth; MS@Columbia


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