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Design to code, automated.

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At Anima, our mission is to unleash creativity by enabling software teams to spend more time creating and less time doing menial tasks. With a community of over 200,000 designers and engineers, Anima is the leading design-to-code automation platform.

After graduating from Y-Combinator and releasing our third product, teams in companies like IBM, Verizon and Salesforce are leveraging our technology.

We work hard to enable designers and engineers to succeed, and to that end, we prioritize attracting diverse talent and cultivating an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. We’re committed to building a company and a community where people thrive by being themselves and are inspired to do their best work every day.

As a small team, we like to get sh*t done and move fast while having automated tests so it won't break things.

Our R&D core values:

* Delivery - We focus on delivering our goals on time.
* Ownership - Each of us is responsible for the quality and timeliness of our work.
* Transparency - All metrics, KPIs, and goals are open to everyone in the team.
* Open - Everyone contributes to the thought process.
* Empathy - We serve our clients like we'd like to be served ourselves.
* Solidarity - We got each other's back.
* Humility - Anyone in the team can learn and everyone can teach.

Anima is based in New York and Tel-Aviv.
Learn more at animaapp.com