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Naval Ravikant


Seva Zhidkov

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Software Engineer @ AngelList Venture. Previously: VK, Mail.ru Group. Developed and launched app Clever with 12M installs and 1M MAU when I was 16 yo.
Venture at AngelList

SJ Pratt

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Interested in building things worth building.

Lauren Kolm

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NYC-based designer by way of SF. Brand Designer at AngelList. Previously: Paperless Post, Time Inc., Penguin Random House

Avlok Kohli

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Current CEO, AngelList Venture Past Founder / CEO at Fairy Square Product Lead Founder / CEO of Fastbite, sold to Square. UWaterloo Soft Eng

Xiaodi Li

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Candidate Operations @AngelList | Previously Product Operations @Facebook

Anne Seckinger

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Keith Connolly

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Sr. Product & Data Engineer at AngelList via acquisition of Prospectify.io. Ex-CTO of Chipp'd.

Sara Spaventa

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Marketing @ AngelList

Joseph Kim

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Vishal Jeet

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Carnegie Mellon University alum, former Yexter. Now working at AngelList

Helen Min

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Working with startups. Mother, loyal friend, storyteller, Buffalo sports fan.

Bastian Peters

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Product Engineer @AngelList ✌️ Founder of @Limoment UG and @teamkollegen @backend-developer

Noah Spirakus

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Helping startups help the world Proud Techstars Austin 17 Founder

Christine Townsley

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Board members and advisors

Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen

Judy Yang

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Angel investor & cross-border business strategy expert (US<->China) @Microsoft @Oracle @Adobe
Current: Chief Business Officer @Turo. Former Founder @JumpCam & @FADE, VP Product @Yammer; Sr Dir of Virality & Mktg @Playdom; also @YouTube and @Google.
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Former team

Akshay Guthal

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Michael Daugherty

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Collin Buchan

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Imalia Gansop

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Leo Galley

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