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Naval Ravikant


James Lin

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Head of Candidate Data @AngelList • Founder @Crunchyroll • Investor @Beautylish, @Lob • Studied EECS at @University of California Berkeley, @UIUC

Kunal Mehta

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Experience at fast growth ride-sharing and delivery startup (emerging markets), Ex-McKinsey and Airbnb; Passionate about technology, travel, cities, aerospace

Layi Ali-Ajibode

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JD/MBA @ UVA; Consummate Generalist


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Worked at AngelList, GRAIL

Alexis Mas

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I see myself not only as a curious developer but also as someone who loves to get involved in the whole process.

Lonnie Oellerich

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Worked at Aesop, AngelList. Experience with Attention to Detail, Communication Skills, Customer Service. Went to Belmont University

Kimone Napier

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Dynamic Ops Professional | Employee Engagement Enthusiast | Workplace Transformer | #ONO

Brian Ta

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Former @Airbnb and @MACYS.com . Worked growth and SEO

Inderpal Singh

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Venture at AngelList

Lisa Zhu

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I'm a PM with lots of experience in consumer products, particularly in health/fitness and e-commerce. I also have a strong analytics background.

Irin Son

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Tim Yang

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Worked at AngelList


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angel poon

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Interested in tech, education and healthcare

Brett Sagan

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Worked at TRED, Equinox
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Board members and advisors

Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen

Judy Yang

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Angel investor & cross-border business strategy expert (US<->China) @Microsoft @Oracle @Adobe
Current: Chief Business Officer @Turo. Former Founder @JumpCam & @FADE, VP Product @Yammer; Sr Dir of Virality & Mktg @Playdom; also @YouTube and @Google.
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Former team

Amrith Shanbhag

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Laura Horak

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Lexi Lewtan

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Seijin Jung

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HeyJin Su

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