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Naval Ravikant


Giang Nguyen

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Ops at AngelList Venture. Worked at Lyft. Experience in tech & account management.

Halle Kaplan-Allen

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Venture Fund Ops @AngelList

Kris Andrews

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Veselin Todorov

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Tech Lead @AngelList Growth ✌️

Pamela Unger

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Asset Management Tax Specialist. Focused on Venture Capital and Private Equity for 10+ years.
Current Capital Growth at AngelList - Previously worked in Social Media, Marketing, and Sales. Building a community focused org called Boss Women Collective

Kateryna Vasylenko

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Curating content @AngelList

Sarah Gabr

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Kapil Kale

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I help build this site

Elizabeth Sciortino

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Software Engineer at AngelList Former Consultant. BSc in Materials Science and Engineering

Brian Ta

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Worked at AngelList, Haven Money. Experience with Audit, Adobe Photoshop, Debugging. Went to University of California

Marko Kajzer

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Jessica Toy

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Product Lead at AngelList Venture. Formerly at Airbnb, Eaze, and FR8Star (a trucking marketplace).

Paige Steadman

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PM @AngelList; Founding team @RippleMatch Experience in product mgmt, growth hacks, sales, & all things hr tech
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Board members and advisors

Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist

Judy Yang

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Angel investor & cross-border business strategy expert (US<->China) @Microsoft @Oracle @Adobe
Current: Chief Business Officer @Turo. Former Founder @JumpCam & @FADE, VP Product @Yammer; Sr Dir of Virality & Mktg @Playdom; also @YouTube and @Google.
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Former team

Kelly Li

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Kevin William David

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Kenny Leung

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Wing Vasiksiri

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Anuj Patel

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Amrith Shanbhag

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