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Decentralizing the financial world!

Decentralizing the financial world!

Cxihub is a crypto fintech company that thrives on cutting edge blockchain innovations happening around the world. We envision the future of the traditional financial system which we are accustomed to for over 300 years being replaced by a true decentralized and transparent financial system. We, humans, have plans to colonize Mars in the next decade, but our financial system is still rusty, biased, and corrupt in many ways. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world for good. It’s true that just like any other technology, whether it be internet or airplanes, there’s still a long way for blockchain to reach mass adoption in the real world. At CXIHub, we truly believe the time is not far when blockchain brings financial inclusion for the 7 billion people on Earth. This will evidently threaten the existence of banks and several governments. It’d be interesting to see if they join the blockchain revolution or keep fighting it. We endeavor to be the fuel for this evolution of money and a new financial system building on the internet. The decentralized revolution is here. It’s just not evenly distributed. We’re already a part of it. Perhaps, the first transaction between Earth and Mars would be in crypto, and not fiat!

CXIHUB - Node.js Backend Developer - NoSQL/MySQL

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Abhishek Bourai

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Deep Crypto 2013-2020 | Building Traditional financial services over Crypto. Founder - CEO www.cxihub.com

Rohit Hazra

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Backend Dev on Node.JS and Golang with experience of Starting, Maintaining a Startup

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