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Maya Rahkonen

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Maya is a communications and media professional with experience working in the technology, consumer, and nonprofit industries.

Cheng Li

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Cheng Li

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HR @a16z. Previously Delphix. Harvard alum.

Amanda Mulay

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Currently building out and consulting teams for stealth to early-stage startups within the Andreessen Horowitz community.
Founding Partner @Refactor Capital. Alum of @Andreessen Horowitz.

Grace Ellis

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Chris Lyons

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Deputy Chief of Staff at Andreessen Horowitz
Sr. Product Manager at AWS. Previously worked at Splunk and a16z. Studied at Harvard, Univ. of Cambridge, and Caltech.

Chris Dixon

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Investor @ a16z. Cofounder @ Hunch and SiteAdvisor.

Rob Mazzoni

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Partner at @TechFellows

Peter Levine

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General Partner at @Andreessen Horowitz

Robert Kang

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Board members and advisors

Investor, agent and advisor. Now Broad Beach Ventures; co-founded @Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Former team

Balaji Srinivasan

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Sten Tamkivi

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Juliet Nyatta

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Tawny Holguin

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Fred Kang

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