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Health Intermediation Platform

Health Intermediation Platform

Andaman7 is a combination of
• mobile apps for patients (and individual care providers like doctors, nurses, physiotherapists,...) and
• a HIP - Health Intermediation Platform.

The HIP is a peer-to-peer platform storing information at the edge (in mobile devices). That makes Andaman7 very secure and privacy compliant.

Our intermediation platform can be used by care actors for home care, remote patient monitoring, etc. while the pharmaceutical industry can use it for clinical trial, especially real-world evidence and eCOA - always with the patient consent.

In short, we are a broker to patients platform enabling disease management and outcome assessment.

Our company also has a social goal. The article 25 of the declaration of human rights sums it up nicely: everyone has a right to good health and well being for himself and his family. We do that in practice by providing all persons with a free, advanced personal health record system that enables patient empowerment.

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Andaman7 founder. CIO of the year 2011 Belgium. Experienced entrepreneur. Past: 3 successful large scale medical projects; founded & sold Manex; Lampiris CIO.