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A big data analytics consultancy firm

A big data analytics consultancy firm

We help startups and organizations make sense of their data. We believe that the best big data initiatives come from a raffinated mixture of philosophy, mathematics and engineering. We have the secret recipe for these new business challenges and have the right ingredients to solve them. Our team is a unique mixture of entrepreneurs and data scientists who will understand your needs, set up mathematical models and codes for it and unleash the business power in it from A to Z.

Partner & Business Development Director

Data Scientist (Contract)

Business Development Partner (Commission Based)

Senior GCP Data Engineer (Google Cloud Platform)

CNN - Data Scientist

Data Engineer | Clinical Diagnostics

Samir Zein

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Consultant at AnalyticsLab.tech Founder at Neotic.ai Maths, Coding, AI, Entrepreneurship, UX/UI, Fundraising, Team culture
A passionate tech-thusiast that's been consulting, innovating and developing solutions for over 15 years. Co-Founder/CEO of Kayan Health and MD of LabEight*.