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Future Technology & Innovations

Future Technology & Innovations

We are one of India's fast growing and leading organization with offerings that span technology, engineering, manufacturing and design services.

What we offer
* Product engineering and manufacturing services at globally competitive prices.
* Instrumentation and automation of micro-Controller and PLC based equipments & plants.
* Process control and Automation.
* Installation, servicing, maintenance and commissioning of plant equipments and machineries.
* World-class expertise in discrete domains.
* Seamless integration through the use of tools and quality systems that are globally recognized.
* A highly responsive project management system that bridges cultural gaps.
* Consulting services for partner identification, market research, market entry strategy, and in-country start-up opportunities.
* Specialized services in electrical power system, process control, transportation, aerospace and aviation, security and surveillance, bio-medical, laboratory, research and development works.

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M M Siddiqui

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Founded Amtech India Controls; Strong Business Management & Engineering Skills; Worked with Associated Scientific Technologies; BBSCET INDIA B. Tech 2008.