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Turning Pharmacists into Healthcare Superheroes




Attila Szabo

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Mark A. Catanzaro

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Health Care professional looking for innovative companies leveraging technology to disrupt the health care industry.

Regina Jaslow

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Chief Revenue Office at Amplicare. Worked at RapidSOS. Went to The Wharton School at Penn and University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Shelby Weinstein

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I am a young healthcare professional who is passionate about health advocacy, policy, and education.

Ashley Hunt

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Rares Urdea

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Always in high spirits, curious and thirsty for knowledge. I enjoy music, sea food, travelling and sports. I'm constantly seeking the next big challenge.

Jessica Beyer

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Director of Strategic Accounts at Amplicare, leading the acquisition of enterprise accounts. Previous marketer with a passion for all things creative.

Nathan Shanor

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CFO of Amplicare. Helped grow Amplicare from being used in 20 pharmacies to over 5,000. Entrepreneur, problem solver, and, above all else, dog lover.

Melody DiSalvo

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Nicholas Cox

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Passion for the intersections between Health, Communication, Entertainment, and Technology. Happy person.

Marvin Guardado

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VP of Sales at Amplicare
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Board members and advisors

Matthew H Johnson

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Flaviu Simihaian

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CEO of @Troy Medicare , Co-Founder @Amplicare, obsessed with fixing healthcare
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Former team

Jose Nunez

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Alexander Shchapov

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Sophia Anthony

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Laura Liebers

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Shani Tal

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Oscar Hernandez

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