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Data Scientist (PhD)

$130k – $150k • 0.25% – 1.0%
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Our platform involves ingesting and modeling hundreds of thousands of high-resolution timeseries, updated at 15 minute intervals. We're looking for candidates who have experience building high-velocity machine learning systems from scratch.

You'll be responsible for building advanced timeseries forecasting models at scale. Our customers depend on us to reliably forecast energy demand, both short term and long term, at micro and macro levels. We use a combination of classical timeseries techniques as well as modern ML. We're not big on deep learning, but we're open to the possibility. Experience with Baysian non-parametrics also a plus.

Energy demand and generation both depend on climate and weather, so be prepared to learn lots about meteorology!

We are primarily Python based, but it's early days, so the right candidate can have a big impact on our tools and infrastructure. We are strong supporters of open source and we encourage our employees to publish and give talks about the work they do at Amperon.

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