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Powering the smart grid of the future

Powering the smart grid of the future

We are a decade into the smart meter deployment era. There over 70M smart meters currently installed in the country, collecting 15 minute resolution electricity data for every type of ratepayer (including residential, commercial, and industrial). The data has been relatively untapped for the past decade, and Amperon is leveraging it to charge forward and bring AI to the energy world to usher in the smart grid of the future.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Sales Development Representative

Sean Kelly

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CEO/co-founder Amperon, owner Bridge Power Consulting, former energy trader (Lehman, EDF, E.On)

Abe Stanway

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Co-founder @Amperon / EIR Friends of eBay / ex-@McKinsey / ex-@etsy / founded + sold @HackerLeague / fellow @hackNY
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