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FactoryOS to optimize manufacturing operations

Jobs at Amper Technologies

Amper is creating a Factory OS that uses Internet-connected sensors and data-science to improve manufacturing operations. We're a fast-growing start-up with venture capital and are seeking ambitious individuals to join our team to help define the modern factory and supply chain.

We have an exciting roadmap of products and technical challenges, with applications ranging from computer vision to supply chain tracking. Our first product is a machine monitoring system that is installed in minutes, and translates electrical signals to machine metrics like downtime and cycle-time.

We have been part of HAX, the top hardware accelerator, and Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise-sales focused program. Amper is based in Chicago and we are expanding our team to keep up with our growing base of customers. We offer competitive salaries, equity, health insurance, and a casual, flexible work environment.

If you're interested in a job that's not listed here, email us at hello at amper dot xyz.