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Fintech AI Investment Fund startup project in Singapore

Lawyer Finance - Expert in Compliance & Regulations of Singapore - Remote/Online - Voluntary

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We are a Fintech investment fund startup, at the early seed stage looking for professionals and students to join our project on a voluntary basis.

Project Introduction

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We need legal advice how to write up contracts (investors, customers, job contracts etc.) and also get a detailed understanding of what legislation we have to follow in order to run a licenced investment fund in Singapore.

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Other Requirements

  • Google Account as we use Google Docs for team collaboration and documentation
  • WhatsApp for team chat
  • You need at least 5 hours free time per week to qualify for an professional or internship position

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Manali Gune

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I am a CFP Professional and Fintech professional. I will get my cross border CFPCM Licence in Singapore and Malaysia by next year.
I'm the founder of the Amondial Capital startup project, an AI based investment fund. Computer Engineer and Team Manager, studied management and AI.

Co-founders can be part of the upcoming company.

All positions are online only.

Intensive training provided for interns and ai programmers.

All positions are volunteers at this stage.