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Fintech AI Investment Fund startup project in Singapore

Jobs at Amondial Capital

What do we do ?

We use a real time database with 3 million companies to scan the global stock market for companies with an unusual stable growth over the past 5 years.

Then we use AI prediction software to make a 1 year forecast of the stock price.

Together with a professional risk management we plan to offer a new investment fund every month, which will run untouched for a year, than closed to pay off.

Jobs we have:

We are in pre-incorporation stage and currently all positions are voluntary. We look for a wide range of roles - advisors, co-founders, professionals and interns. Upon incorporation we offer the best people to join our company on proper contracts.

We have a wide range of tasks which are required in a Fintech investment fund, for example:

- Develop the business model and strategy
- Improve the finance plan
- Develop the marketing plan
- Investigate the requirements to open an investment fund in Singapore
- Develop our processes to meet regulations and pass audits
- Recruit new talents to join the team
- Develop the core software which creates our funds
- Research new trends in AI and statistics
- Improve our fund risk model
- Manage our datacenter
- Find seed investors, hold presentations online and in person
- Develop contracts and ensure legal compliance
- Build a stunning customer portal so customers can manage their account

And much more ..

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