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Chemistry Set for Bioengineering

Chemistry Set for Bioengineering

Amino is an intuitive bioengineering mini-lab that allows easy bacterial transformations and enables continuous growth of the culture.

Packaged in a briefcase-sized continuous bioreactor, Amino allows users to produce different cultures based on different kinds of cells engineered with recombinant DNA.

Each Amino cell kit uses simple lab-strains of yeast or e.coli and provides the DNA and all the necessary "stuff" to insert it into the cell. For example, with Amino’s introductory DNA kit, your transformed cells will grow to express their new DNA, resulting in a bioluminescent culture that glows like a nightlight.
Co-Founder @Synbiota, PhD Synthetic Biology @University of Cambridge, Alumni @Singularity University, Fellow @Mozilla WebFWD & @Google
CEO Amino.bio, Researcher for Aston Martin, Nokia, LG, Audi, V&A Museum, M.S., MIT Media Lab, 2015 M.A., Royal College of Art, 2011

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