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Next-Generation Enterprise Mapping

Next-Generation Enterprise Mapping

AmigoCloud is a Cloud and Mobile GIS Platform; we make geospatial data collection, administration and sharing simple. 

Our SaaS solution eliminates painful workflows and saves thousands of dollars by replacing expensive hardware and software with ubiquitous smartphones and tablets along with a subscription service. We keep everyone’s data in sync and easily integrate with the industry’s leading platforms.

Our customers; including government agencies, engineering firms, utilities and NGOs; collect and maintain vast amounts of critical infrastructure data (e.g. oil pipelines, land parcels, sewers systems, utility lines, aerial imagery, levees, vegetation, etc).

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Mobile device and OpenGL expert, working on 3D mobile GIS solutions, including automotive and embedded environments. Previously at @Pioneer Electronics RD, @Delphi and @Fan TV
GIS Architect. 14+ yrs building Geospatial software. Built core technologies @ESRI and @Microsoft. @StartX Alum. Co-Founder @ModeWalk. Organizer of GeoMeeup.