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Taking data from inception to impact

Taking data from inception to impact

Amida is an open source software company that focuses on data management and exchange, with specialties in cybersecurity and digital platform strategies. We provide a wide range of platform solution and professional services, and we currently offer three products:

Indaba: Turn knowledge into data
Survey software meets project management, Indaba assembles distributed knowledge about hard-to-quantify concepts and turns it into structured datasets, indices, and scorecards.

Amida Refine: Data Reconciliation Engine
A Blue ButtonTM component that helps people access their health information from a variety of sources, including doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and hospitals. The DRE can also be adapted to other industries.

Orange Rx: Manage medications
A white label mobile app enabling patients and their care teams to track and log medications, control dosing, and record adverse effects. The app can also be used to track mental health progress.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cofounder @Amida Technology Solutions. Former Presidential Innovation Fellow on Blue Button. Open Source Advocate. Improviser. Hockey Fan.

Peter L. Levin

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Co-founder of Amida Technology Solutions. Was previously CTO at Veterans Affairs. Senior Visiting Fellow at CNAS, consulting professor at Stanford.