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Reinventing TripAdvidor for High-Value Products (Acquired)

Reinventing TripAdvidor for High-Value Products (Acquired)

Amicus Technologies™ is using predictive analytics to disrupt a 30B USD industry, by helping consumers make smarter decisions when making High-Value purchases. Most high-value purchases consumers in the electronics, insurance, banking, real estate and automobile sector rely on limited information.

These issues include longevity of the product, frequency of breakdowns, hidden costs, exceptions of coverage, turn-around time of services, cost of spare parts, resale value etc. All of these contribute to "RealCost" of the purchase, and takes a lot of time to figure out. Reviews & Ratings, also suffer from the problem of paid/fake reviews.

We have developed a patent-pending technology which converts large amounts of qualitative data (reviews & complaints) into the "RealCost" of the purchase. It ranks products, brands and sellers on this parameter. The technology has excelled in collecting lots of data (Volume), processing it at scale, (Velocity) and removing fake reviews (Veracity).

Aayush Srivastava

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Co-founder & Product Lead @Startereum. Former @AWS and @Amicus Shopping Assistant
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