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mohmed vaid

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Nivedita Mazumdar

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Adina Cianciotto

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Developer. Northwestern. Passion for user-focused design and analyzing real-world problems to create accessible products.

Joe Sobczak

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@Americaneagle.com @Hawksearch • Assist in recruitment and hiring process for all internal positions

Shree Harsha Sridharamurthy

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Software Developer | Architect

Bernard Northam

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Worked at Americaneagle.com, Therafin

Zain Ashraf

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Worked at Americaneagle.com. Went to Illinois State University
Human Resources Recruiter at Americaneagle.com

Al C

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Versatile Software developer with strong communication skills.

Erin Moreau

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Human Resources @Americaneagle.com & @Hawksearch

Former team

Emily Tucci

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Taha Zouhair

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Michael Brunetti

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Dan Reno

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Joel Roehler

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Tomislav Mitic

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