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Anand Swaminathan

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(1) Director, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company; (2) Angel investor in and adviser to early/growth stage companies.

Rick Morrison

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Go developer. DevOps engineer. Energetic and fun and plays the trombone too!

Patrick Collison

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Cofounder of @Stripe. Previously: MIT, Auctomatic, reverse engineering iPhone apps, reading books.

John Collison

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Co-founder at @Stripe

J Cheng

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Investing in great founders, teams, and products

Paul Buchheit

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Partner at YCombinator, Founder of @FriendFeed, Creator of GMail

Shana Fisher

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Managing Partner, Third Kind Venture Capital, a NY based venture fund focused on early stage investments. Former SVP at IAC.

Bobby Goodlatte

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Angel investor in 30+ startups. Former product designer at @Facebook & former Designer in Residence at Greylock
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