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Global investor for Ambient Intelligent Systems and IoT

Global investor for Ambient Intelligent Systems and IoT

With over an year research and development, we joined up heart, minds and hands to shape up a unique product SchoolBoon “SaaS ERP Cloud based School Management System packed with Mobile Apps” (Android, iOS & Web Browser) for educational institutions. With the use of a mobile-friendly SaaS ERP Cloud-based School Management System, Ambientellizense proposes SchoolBoon as a lasting unified solution to schools for students and management overall development with whole lot of automated activities. This application is focused on effective student management, cost control, security and providing a plain field for parents to track the progress of their wards engaging effective school-parent communication.

Startup Product Visions:
1.Bridging responsibilities – School and Parents.
2.Key Automation Benefits:
A.Parent Teacher Communication
B.Real Time Attendance
C.Real Time School Bus Tracking
D.Students Performance Analysis
E.School Management Analytics and Reports including Fee Management

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