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Ambient.ai is a leader in real-time human-level perception technology (Series-A YC/a16z)



CEO & Co-founder @ Ambient.ai, Ex- Stanford | Apple | Google
CTO & co-founder @Ambient.ai | MSCS @Stanford University '15 | Software Engineering @Dropbox , @Microsoft and @LinkedIn .


Andy Sackley

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A hands-on & experienced SaaS CS & Ops leader, focussed on revenue, forecasting, renewals, metrics, margins and utilization.

Akshit Khurana

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Ambient.ai (YC '17), HouseCanary, Ginger.io, SlideShare/LinkedIn, Google Summer of Code (openSUSE, SugarLabs), IIT Roorkee CS

Roland Abad

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Rodaan Peralta-Rabang

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Product @Ambient AI | We're Hiring!