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Legal case management software for growing law firms

Legal case management software for growing law firms

Grow the high-performance law practice you’ve always dreamed of with Amberlo easy-to-use legal case management software. Whether large or small, law practices have plenty of room to grow, and now is the perfect time to do it. With Amberlo’s powerful legal case management software, law firms scale faster, deliver the highest value for clients at lower costs, and increase profitability. Start growing your dream law practice today. It takes only a few minutes to get started. -> Create a modern digital workplace With centralized matter management, all client work is available 24/7 in a secure cloud environment so you can be billing wherever you are, on your PC or mobile phone. -> Collaborate and manage remote teams Smart file links, tagging, and notes mean you can easily find, process and collaborate across high volumes of case materials no matter where you or your colleagues are physically located. -> Maintain all client work and history Instant access to client history saves time and enables faster decisions. -> Improve personal time management Legal calendar and active task planning in Amberlo enable you to cut wasted time spent on non-billable tasks so more time can be spent on billable activities. -> Increase billable hours Automated time tracking and expense management mean you never miss out on billing for the time spent working on a legal case and law firm expenses. -> Invoice faster, get paid sooner With a few clicks issue a client invoice with a customizable payment due date, and track payment so money comes in sooner for healthier cash flow.

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