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We believe everyone should have some exposure to Bitcoin because it’s the most asymmetric opportunity of our lifetime.

Our mission is to make that exposure as simple, low risk & automated as possible, so we’ve combined an exchange, wallet & micro-investment app - all in the palm of your hand.

We’re taking the “bad habit” of spending all the time, and transforming it into an option for the future, by investing the spare change from your daily purchases into an asset with extraordinary upside.

Think of it like a digital piggy bank, on a SpaceX rocket ship.

By enabling people to buy, sell, store, swap, send and accumulate this new asset in one place, we're making it easy to be involved in one of the most exciting opportunities since the internet.

And we're doing this without some phony token in the middle, or some convoluted blockchain idea to confuse the public we're trying to serve.
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Full Stack Engineer

We’re looking for someone who is confident in their skills, with the ability to hit the ground running and work independently as well as collaboratively with the rest of the team. The ability to demonstrate real world, commercial development experience and an interest in fintech and digital asset...


Growth Marketer

Amber is Australia’s first digital currency exchange, wallet and round-up app. We’re a startup based in Brisbane working to make investing in digital assets easy for everyday people.