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The Bitcoin Bank

The Bitcoin Bank

Amber is a next generation digital bank, built on Bitcoin.
Our mission is to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone.

Currently a bitcoin exchange, wallet & micro-investment app all in the palm of your hand, the first part of the journey is making exposure to Bitcoin as simple, low risk & automated as possible, by taking the “bad habit” of spending all the time, and transforming it into an ‘option’ for the future.

Amber does this by investing the spare change from your daily purchases into Bitcoin.

We’re the first product to automate the exchange function and combine it with the key features of a Bitcoin wallet, into one micro-investment style app. This foundation allows us to develop Layer 2 integrations such as with the Lightning Network and begin to offer consumers a way to participate in commerce globally, instantly, without being restricted by jurisdiction, time, cost or the legacy banking system.

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