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Amazin’ Graze is a local innovator in Asia in the art of making healthy, delicious, and affordable treats! Our mission is straightforward: Let’s change the way we snack.   All our products are freshly baked with love by local communities.  We steer clear from refined sugars and salt, and adopt the no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring approach across all product ranges. We truly believe in EATING RIGHT, NOT LESS.  We want to show the world that healthy eating can be exciting!
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Creative & Visual Designer

We are looking for a senior team member to join our marketing team in Kuala Lumpur to build a beautiful and innovative Asian food brand.
The role scope includes but is not limited to:

Translate marketing objectives & key messages into effective creative visuals.


Operations Executive

We are looking for an Operations Executive for our growing health food startup. This role is essential to ensure that our fast-growing startup is able to meet all its orders from customers in Malaysia and abroad, both online and offline.


Food Innovations Chef

Love to eat healthy? The Food Innovation Chef works to develop new healthy snacks as well as improve existing snacks.


Head of Business Development & Sales

We are looking for a Regional Head of Business Development & Sales for our fast-growing healthy snacks startup with established presence in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. We currently operate an active e-Commerce platform across 3 countries and work with 100+ health & wellness busine...