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Bern Coh

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Sherry Platt

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Monica Tran

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La Binet

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Wilber A. Lai

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Worked at Virtual Micro, American Campus Communities. Experience with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Salesforce, Mac OSX/Windows. Went to Uc Irvine

Lisa Mamon

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Eric Houtman

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Extensive experience in launching and expanding start-ups in multiple markets. Portfolio of success optimizing operations and managing large projects.

Danny Tao

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Worked at Alto Pharmacy, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Adrian Jerome Manio

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Worked at Alto

Melissa Miao

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I'm passionate about healthcare innovation with social impact. I've started and helped scale early stage health tech startups, all of which have been acquired.

Andrew Sharp

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Worked at Alto Pharmacy
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Former team

Carrie Tian

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Helen Porter

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Colleen Duggan

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Dena Westphalen

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Chris Eldredge

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Joey Baker

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