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Teaching computers to understand human language



Sergei Burkov

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4x entrepreneur (Bilbo, @Invincible Data Systems, @Dulance, @Alterra.ai), sold a company to @Google, became the first head of its Moscow R&D Center. PhD in Physics


Vladimir Antonov

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Developer with 10+ years of expertise in web search, distributed storage systems and data processing applications at Yandex.

Alexander Ashikhmin

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Data scientist/Software developer PhD Candidate in Biophysics Four years experience in design, development of biomedical devices and software C/C++, Python, SQL
Data scientist and software developer

Vasil Yaroshevich

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MSU, MS in Mathematics and mechanics, worked at Yandex

Max Ushakov

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Software Engineer: NLP, data extraction, data mining, machine learning. Google, Algodign (computer-aided drug design), Dulance (shopping search)

Ivan Lysov

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PhD in Computer Science. Researcher at Moscow State University. Web developer in Django. Main developer of ISTINA in MSU.
MSU; completed several goverment projects in ABBYY; outdoor fan

Board members and advisors

Bill Hunt

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Technology Founder/CEO/CTO - five exits totaling $500m. 12 patents. Mentor, advisor. Speaker on technology and entrepreneurship.
@WaytoWellville (executive founder). Prolific Investor. @23andMe @Evernote, @Flickr, @Meetup, Square, chairman of EDventure, Release 1.0.