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Teaching computers to understand human language

Teaching computers to understand human language

Alterra's Deep NLU engine converts natural language questions and commands to formal queries a computer can understand. It is available via an API.

Applications include conversational virtual agents for call centers, Alexa skills, voice control for mobile apps and IoT devices, chatbots, enterprise and site search, English-to-SQL, etc. No traditional coding is required – just feed a training corpus into the artificial neural network.

It is powered by our phrase2vec algorithm. It’s like word2vec, but for multiple-word sentences.
Additionally, an LSTM-based slot filler extracts parameters and entities from natural-language questions and commands and converts them to SQL-like queries.

Sergei Burkov

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4x entrepreneur (Bilbo, @Invincible Data Systems, @Dulance, @Alterra.ai), sold a company to @Google, became the first head of its Moscow R&D Center. PhD in Physics

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