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Machine Learning Engineer

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At Altana, you’ll build and deploy machine learning solutions for large, unaddressed market opportunities with real-world, meaningful impact.
Technical team members will build the next generation of data management and insight products, involving novel work in natural language processing, multi-objective learning, deep learning, and adversarial learning. Commercial team members will deliver technical solutions for hard problems in massive, unaddressed sectors. You will have the opportunity to travel globally and work with some of the top technical and domain experts in trade and international affairs.

We’re looking for candidates eager to join an entrepreneurial and inclusive environment, and determined to make a big impact. We have an array of jobs in both technical and non-technical areas— and are always on the lookout for great new additions to our team. If you’re interested in working with Altana but don’t see a job opening that’s exactly right for you, email us at jobs@altanatech.com


We are currently hiring for a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer role, based in NYC. The role features exciting challenges:

- Build performant supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement-learning models that deliver high quality results when applied to non-stationary and adversarial distributions

- Apply multi-objective and transfer learning to learn robust general features of global trade risk and enable extension to new risk domains

- Build full productionalization via robust and performant pipelines feeding into and from these models

- Build auto-ML systems to produce, test, and QA these models
Build systems that update and monitor the evolving performance of these models as the incoming distribution changes

- Opportunity to work with the top technical and domain experts on our advisory board


A strong candidate will have the following characteristics:

- B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in an engineering or quantitative discipline, or equivalent work experience

- Expertise in machine learning and classical statistical analysis

- Expertise in Python and a static language (C++, Go, etc.)

- Strong knowledge of Git, Docker, AWS

- Knowledge of data storage and delivery