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Marketing/Operations Intern

No salary • No equity
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This is an unpaid internship (possible school credit & possible paid employment in future)

We're looking for a motivated, energetic and success-oriented individual who is excited to work with a dynamic team and help to define and grow our organization. Here, you'll work with very motivated people and will learn our business though hands-on projects and assignments.

We produce educational video content for lawyers and, while you are not required to have any previous knowledge of law, you should be focused and attentive to the topics being discussed and willing to learn about the subjects as you go.

In this internship, you will be assisting with and eventually spearheading many marketing and operational tasks. Some of these tasks are:

- Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
- Pushing campaigns and pulling data from social media advertisements
- Analyzing and learning about social media and Google Analytics data
- Managing our CRM database
- Liaising with lawyers in our community via email

To succeed in this roll you have:

- Professional communication skills
- Keen eye for detail
- Willingness to learn as you go and try new things
- Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft + Google products
- Understanding of various social media platforms
- Strong analytical skills
- Previous start-up experience is a plus

You should have the ability to switch back and forth between projects nimbly and without confusion as our volume is growing and we are always juggling multiple projects at once.

You should be amiable, polite and confident with people you've just met and exude a professional demeanor over the course of the day, even in stressful situations.


- A Swiss-Army Knife (known for your design and versatility).

- A closet entrepreneur who is ready to come out (or has been out for a while).

- You have a burning desire to create things with other people (things that are bigger than you).

- You have a good sense of humor when shit hits the fan (and somehow you actually solve the problems).

- You appreciate that it’s not “what you do” that matters as much as “why you do it” and “who you do it with.”

- You are ready for the time of your life (aka “joining a thriving start up”).


Why we exist: We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to have all of the tools, resources, and training they need to ascend to the top of their careers - however they define that!

Who we are: Our team is comprised of dynamic and talented individuals (serial entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, and media and marketing professionals) who are on a mission to transform the way attorneys gain and share expertise.

What we do: AltaClaro is an experiential learning platform that provides attorneys with universal access to interactive professional education taught by top practitioners including one-on-one or small group practical skills training, CLE programing, and professional development courses.

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