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Video Production Assistant

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Internship (with possibility of paid employment).

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You will be assisting in every phase of production, from lighting to camera to audio to post-production, on a number of different types of projects including interviews, promotional clips and live webcasts.

-Transporting gear from our office to location.

-Setting up lights.

-Miking the on air talent.

-Operating camera and audio mixer.

-Uploading and organizing footage for editing.

We produce educational video content for lawyers and, while you are not required to have any previous knowledge of law, you should be focused and attentive to the topics being discussed and willing to learn about the subjects as you go.


You should have some experience in various areas of production. You should be familiar with setting up lights, basic lighting schemes, basic audio and microphone principles, video camera operation and basic familiarity with Adobe Premiere Pro. You should enjoy every phase of production, as you will be doing a little of all of it, and you should enjoy the act of making it as much as the product itself.

You should have the ability to switch back and forth between projects nimbly and without confusion as our volume is growing and we are always juggling multiple projects at once.

You should be amiable, polite and confident with people you've just met and exude a professional demeanor over the course of the day, even in stressful situations.


--A Swiss-Army Knife (known for your design and versatility).

--A closet entrepreneur who is ready to come out (or has been out for a while).

--You may be the next Christopher Nolan but you don't feel the need to demonstrate this to everyone. You focus on accomplishing the task at hand and working well with the team.

--You have a burning desire to create things with other people (things that are bigger than you).

--You have a good sense of humour when shit hits the fan (and somehow you actually solve the problems).

--You appreciate that it’s not “what you do” that matters as much as “why you do it” and “who you do it with.”

--You are ready for the time of your life (aka “joining a thriving start up”).

--Diverse. As a company we are committed to building a diverse team and will be leaning toward PoC and women who are capable, eager to learn and a good fit for our small team.


Why we exist: We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to have all of the tools, resources, and training they need to ascend to the top of their careers - however they define that!

Who we are: Our team is comprised of dynamic and talented individuals (serial entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, and media and marketing professionals) who are on a mission to transform the way attorneys gain and share expertise.

What we do: AltaClaro is an experiential learning platform that provides attorneys with universal access to interactive professional education taught by top practitioners including one-on-one or small group practical skills training, CLE programing, and professional development courses.

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The Global Legal Education and Professional Network

AltaClaro focuses on Marketplaces, Professional Networking, Legal Tech, Edtech, and Future Of Work. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, AltaClaro has raised $410K of funding; their latest round was closed on January 2018.

You can view their website at http://www.altaclaro.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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