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Operations Manager

$85k – $125k • 1.0% – 2.0%
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If you are interested in learning about cryptocurrency financial markets and the systems that drive it, Alt-Options is the place to be. We offer consulting services to banks, blockchain startups, gaming companies. We specialize in derivatives trading technology, trading bots, crowdfunding, decentralized finance, and applications.

Requirement & Responsibilities:

-Bachelor's Degree Equivalent or above.
-Minimum 3+ years of experience in blockchain
-Develop and implement general blockchain and business strategies.
-Construct go-to-market strategies of the implementation for such blockchain.
-Compare, research and implement different public or private blockchain solutions such as cosmos, Ethereum, Tendermint and etc.
-Implement strategies around crypto-economics, token-economics, hash/privacy technology and proof of stake/proof of work technologies that match with business goals
-Work closely with the Chief Operating Officer, employees, and interns to establish corporate strategies and enhance the company’s product offerings.
-Effective financial management of the resources is a key part of achieving operating results (OKRs).
-Participate in all aspects with Company strategies, product development, and testing.
-Monitor the development of platform technology features.
-Managing potential blockchain consulting leads and follow through the pipeline.
-Manage the team, resources, and hiring of given projects.
-Create and manage the budget of given projects and maintain healthy financials with ROI as the ultimate business goals.
-Develop strategies to test market supply and demand.
-Utilize big data and regression to validate client user stories.
-Monitor and ensure compliance with all guidelines for operations.
-Analyze and organize office operations to ensure maximum efficiency.