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SaaS Management: Discover Apps, Cut Costs, Monitor Activity & Security

SaaS Management: Discover Apps, Cut Costs, Monitor Activity & Security

Alpin (alpin.io) is *the* single dashboard to monitor and manage your SaaS ecosystem. Alpin cuts subscription costs up to 30% & saves time on SaaS monitoring and management. In just 2 clicks, it discovers the sprawling landscape of SaaS subscriptions -- especially those you don't know. It shows wasted spend, comparing license costs to actual usage and helps you negotiate better deals. It monitors, reports on & archives activity, alerting your IT and Info Security teams to risky activity & dangerous permissions. You can deprovision apps from specific users, or Blacklist an app outright. Alpin is built on a deep and solid security foundation.

Bottom line: Alpin can save you 30%, keep you safe from dangerous apps and activity, and give you a full picture of your cloud application landscape. One Dashboard To Rule Them All.

Complementing Alpin is Logrr (logrr.com), the most secure way to do SSO.

Alpin is a proud graduate of the 2015 Techstars Barclays Accelerator in NYC.

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Mark Evans

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Cofounder @Alpin; CEO @Addion; MD Ionic Media; GM US Search & Dir Prod Mgmt GoTo; McKinsey; Nikko Securities; UC Berkeley; @Wharton School

Benjamin Soulier

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Founder of @Alpin, @Techstars '15 (used to be named Logrr)