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Katia Arami

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Katia is a business economics major at UCLA. She is a current Alpha Edison Venture Partner and an analyst for Bruin Ventures.

Crystal (Sihui) Song

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Venture Fellow at Alpha Edison; Interested in Healthcare & Life Sciences; Studying Molecular Biology at UCLA

David Bao

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Junior @ UC Berkeley. Studying Data Science & Economics. Interested in Finance, Data, and Product. Passionate about emerging tech, basketball, & road trips

Nate Redmond

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Loui Smith

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Fen Zhao

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Britt Danneman

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Early Stage VC

Jill O'Neal

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Robey Miller

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Dayo Fashoro

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Operations Lead at Alpha Edison

Former team

Courtney Christianson

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Vincenzo Elifani

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Haitham Mengad

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Vikas Gupta

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