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Our Mission is simple
In AlphaApps we believe in world class solutions. We want to develop exceptional solutions utilizing state of art technology and have an impact with the solutions we provide.

Why we are here:
We believe that the fifth most spoken language requires the best apps. In Alpha Apps, we love apps, it is our DNA, we are in the people business developing technology that bring life -easily- to people gadgets. To sustain this edge, we are looking for Alphas (engineers, developers and SMEs) who share with us the same purpose and values. If you believe you are the best, we would be honoured to have you on-board. The goal is challenging and not easy. The key words are dedication and handwork.

Our Progress:
Since 2007, as one of the first, we develop outstanding digital solutions to provide users and companies with a delightful experience that leave a lasting impact.
2007: Starting in Germany as the first company doing Digital.
2011: Moved to the UAE with the mission doing the best arabic apps.
2014: Launched first own app that were successful.
2017: We want to develop more awesome apps

Grow with Us:
We’re focusing on implementing the best practices to attract and embrace beautiful minds and great Alphas to join our team. If you’re passionate about doing your best work, want to make a difference, and have fun doing it, lets get in touch!

We’re like a start-up:
We started as a start-up and will always have the DNA. We don’t believe in lots of management layers, it feels like we’re all in this together. Which we are. We trust that ideas can come from anyone, and we encourage everyone to contribute. AlphaApps is a place you can make decisions, solve problems, and grow. No matter where you start. Nobody relies on the other to bring the company forward and everyone plays a crucial role in doing great things.

We treat you right:
We offer a great benefits package, which includes paid vacations. We give you access to new and modern projects that have an impact.
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