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Almabase helps schools in the US increase alumni donations. Education is a legacy industry struggling to adapt to digital and social media. Almabase plays a critical role for any educational institution trying to engage and involve their younger alumni.

In the US, alumni donations help schools provide a high quality education to their students, while keeping their tuition relatively low so that more students can afford it. For example, if a school needs $3M per year to run, they will get $2M from tuition, and the remaining $1M is coming from alumni donations. If schools can't raise sufficient money, it directly impacts the quality of education provided. Apart from donations, an engaged alumni community also contributes back with their time and talent to improve outcomes for students.

- Started in 2014
- 250+ institutions as paying customers
- 42 million alumni connected
- Operationally profitable with strong growth
- Offices in San Francisco and Bangalore
- Part of 500 startups and Upekkha