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Russell Cook

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SVP Operations @Postmates, Founder & CEO @AllTrails, CTO @BeRecruited, Microsoft


Bill Chaney

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James Graham

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Passionate startup engineer building out infrastructure at @GoPro - Technical Co-Founder at @TopCoat - iOS, Rails, and all things @Breezy

Andrew Scarani

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Katrina Kimovec

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Lifecycle marketing at AllTrails, formerly at Fitbit, Evernote & Lumosity. MIT alum. Friend to all.
Operations at AllTrails

Matthew Daugherty

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I want to build and care for awesome iOS apps that make people happy.

Alexander McLean

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Berkeley Cognitive Science and CS grad, Javascript pro, working as a full stack software engineer.

Ron Schneidermann

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CEO @AllTrails. Growth @Yelp. Co-founder @Liftopia. Biz dev @Hotwire. Consultant @Accenture. Passionate about building great companies and brands.

Jade Van Doren

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Jade Van Doren has co-founded two startups that have collectively raised $8M+ and have returned $26M+

Marcus Needham

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Software developer & entrepreneur. Founded early ISP (The River, 1995), before pivoting into GPS and mapping tech (Mountain Dynamics, 2005). Now at AllTrails.

Former team

Josh Smith

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Bill Chaney

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Jem Altieri

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Jonathan Simon

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Jeremy Cotter

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Justin Ip

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