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Data Scientist

$130k – $170k • No equity
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Alleycat is developing a technical candidate sourcing tool for recruiters that algorithmically evaluates candidates, then invites them to apply for roles that are highly relevant to them. We've built the algorithms that analyze candidates, a hiring marketplace, and are now focused on reaching the right candidates at the right time. Alleycat has access to 60,000 candidates and 2+ million emails.

We're looking for two experienced data scientist, a senior and junior, to work internally to improve our algorithms, find new data sources and prototype models, work with our backend engineering and existing data science team to implement on AWS or Google Cloud.

We our engineering teams are mostly remote, but this role will be based on premise in NYC where our entire data science team works from.

For the senior role, you need to:
- Be excellent with python
- Feel very confident with deep learning, tensorflow.
- Be a creative and persistent prototyper - you'll be tasked with finding new data sources, cleaning, designing and building models.

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